Human-Centered Product Designer

I enjoy using research, design, coding, and testing to make better product experiences for end-users and the business.

Travelzoo Stories Redesign

Travelzoo Stories Redesign

Creating a better reading experience that inspires, informs and activates more travelers on a global scale.

Travelzoo GDPR Signup Flow Optimization

GDPR Signup Flow Optimization

Converting new members into email subscribers while respecting new privacy and data protection laws in the EU.

Travelzoo hotel booking combined rates

Hotel Booking with Combined Rates

Improving the scannability and information hierarchy of complex hotel room details and rates.

Travelzoo app deal validity calendar design

Mobile App Deal Validity Calendar

Making it easier for users to book hotel deal rates on the date selection calendar.

Other Project Successes

As a design professional for over 19 years, I’ve worked on numerous projects and filled multiple roles on digital product teams including visual and interaction design, frontend dev, A/B testing, and product management.

Travelzoo responsive website

Global Responsive Website Redesign and Optimization

Working with an agency and internal product team, I was the lead in-house designer helping oversee the responsive redesign project from kickoff to global launch. The human-centered redesign increased revenue, CSAT, and retention. After launch, I was responsible for ongoing product enhancements and optimizations through A/B testing.

Travelzoo Destinations Redesign

After launching the responsive website, the Featured Destinations product required a responsive refresh in order to sell it to sponsorship clients. I was responsible for the visual and interaction design, and provided the responsive HTML/CSS/JS template for engineering to implement. A huge sponsorship deal was signed soon after the redesign.

Travelzoo Featured Destinations redesign
Travelzoo responsive emails

Mobile Optimized Email Templates

Travelzoo’s marketing and transactional emails were behind in mobile adoption and only readable on large screens for too long. I took the lead in designing and developing mobile-friendly and user-friendly templates for most of Travelzoo’s member emails, resulting in higher open and click-through rates.

Responsive Web Checkout Flow

The purchase path had many barriers and steps that led to higher bounce rates and lost revenue. Collaborating with senior product managers, I was responsible for designing a user-centered UX/UI revamp that introduced guest checkout, reduced sign-in/sign-up friction, and made the purchase experience faster and smoother. I also provided the responsive HTML/CSS/JS template that helped the engineers implement the designs more quickly and accurately.

Travelzoo purchase checkout
Travelzoo UI design system

Website UI Design System

Styling the website had become inefficient and inconsistent, leading to extended development times and suboptimal design implementations. I led the design and development of Travelzoo’s first website UI design system, which helped the web development team build pages better and faster.